Windows 10 Activator Txt | Windows 10 Pro Activation TXT [2024]

Windows 10 Activator Txt is a text-based free Windows activation method. Here we will guide you through the Windows 10 Pro activation process.

Windows 10 Activator Txt

There are many ways to get Windows 10 and Windows 11 activated.

Windows 10 Activator Txt method is the safest and 100% working method to get your Windows 10 activated for free.

Windows activation text is used to activate Windows 10 without using any software tool.

It is a simple text file, you need to copy-paste it into CMD.

Windows 10 Activator Txt Supported Products

Windows 10 Activator Txt supports many Windows editions.

However, it does not support all Windows editions.

Here is a list of supported editions to activate using Windows 10 Activation txt.

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Home N
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 10 Professional N
  • Windows 10 Home Country Specific
  • Windows 10 Education N
  • Windows 10 Education N
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise N
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB N

Windows 10 Pro Activation txt Method

Here we will guide you step by step through the Windows 10 Pro txt Activation Process.

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 Activator Txt Zip file from this site. The download button is given below.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded Window Activation txt file.

Use “” as the Windows 10 Activator Txt file password.

Step 3: Create a new text document.

Create a New Text Document

Step 4: Copy the Windows 10 activate text from the extracted file into the new text file and save it as a batch file with the name kms.cmd.

Copy Windows 10 Activator Txt

Step 5: Now run the batch file as administrator.

Run Windows 10 Activation Batch File

Now you have to wait for a little until the batch script gets processed.

Processing Windows 10 Pro Activation txt

Boom! You have successfully activated your OS with the Windows Activation txt method.

Product Activated Successfully

Now you can check the Windows activation status.

Windows 10 Activation Status

You can also activate Windows 10 for free with the following tools:

Windows 10 Activator txt Chrome Extension

Windows 10 Activator txt is a 100% working extension for the Google Chrome browser.

The latest Windows 10 Activator txt file works with all Windows versions.

Download the latest edition of Windows Activator Txt File for Windows 10 & Windows 11.

Follow the guidelines below to use the Windows txt extension.

Step 1: Download and Install Windows 10 Activation Txt file extension.

Step 2: Open the extension.

Step 3: Now click on the Activate Now button.

Step 4: Click on the link and save it on your computer.

Step 5: Now go with the Windows 10 Activation txt File.

Just a simple click on the Activate Button and Windows is activated.

You can also activate Windows with a Windows 10 Activator.

Windows 10 Activator

To activate Windows 10 manually, you need a Windows digital license or a Windows product key.

You can get it from here.

When you’re ready to activate, go to the Activation option in the Settings menu.

There you have to click on the Change product key and then enter a genuine Windows 10 product key.

If you are upgrading your PC and Windows 10 was previously activated on your machine then the copy of Windows 10 will be activated automatically for free.

Follow the steps below to activate Windows 10 manually for free.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as administrator and run the following KMS commands on the Windows Command Prompt.

Run slmgr command

You can press the Windows start menu button search for “cmd” and then run it as administrator.

Step 2: KMS client key Installation

Use the command “slmgr /ipk LicenseKey” and hit the “Enter” key to execute commands and install a Windows Activation license key.

Replace the “LicenseKey” text with the activation key for your installed Windows edition.

Product Key Installation
Windows 10 Activation Txt Key

KMS Client Keys are available for:

  • Home
  • Home N
  • Home Single Language
  • Home Country Specific
  • Professional
  • Professional N
  • Education
  • Education N
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise N

Step 3: KMS Machine Address Setting

KMS ServerConnection

Connect to an online KMS server.

Enter the command “slmgr /skms”.

Step 4: Activate your Windows 10 OS.

This last step is to activate your Windows 10.

slmgr ato command

Use the command “slmgr /ato” and hit enter.

Your Windows will be activated successfully.

Professional Edition Activated

Error 0Xc004f074

Error 0xC004F074 means that your internet connection is not available or unstable.

It could also mean that the server is busy at the moment.

You need to make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

You can try to execute the command “ato” for few times until you succeed with the activation.

You can now check the activation status again to verify.

Windows 10 mobile

In August 2015, Microsoft stated that while

Microsoft in August 2015, announced that all Windows smartphones including its new smartphone partners would receive Windows 10’s final version for Mobile devices.

THE would receive the upgrades and preview builds using the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft didn’t clarify at that time whether all new smartphones would be included in the Windows Insider preview initiative.

The company started promoting its new mobile devices with Windows 10 Mobile version.

Devices with Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Lumia 950
  • Lumia 950 XL flagships
  • Lumia 550
  • Lumia 650

These new Windows 10 eligible devices could receive regular updates through the Windows Insider program.

The first build 10586 was released on 4 December 2015.

The Windows-based LG Lancet devices also supported Windows 10 mobile with no future upgrades.

Windows 10 in 2022

Windows 10, a successor to Windows 8.1, comes in a series of editions.

It is a Microsoft Product and a part of its Windows NT family.

Windows 10 was released as a manufacturing edition on July 15, 2015, and as a retail edition, on July 29, 2015.

Windows 10 will keep receiving new releases.

Enterprise environment systems might receive these updates less frequently. They may only receive critical updates, such as security patches.

Currently, Windows 10 is the most common version of Windows OS and Microsoft will be focused on its development with new and powerful features in the form of Windows updates.

You can download the Windows 10 ISO file from here.

As you know Windows 11 is already available but still Windows 10 is considered more flexible for the majority of systems.

But if you are thinking about an upgrade, this is the best time to get it if your PC is eligible for it.

Download KMSPico Windows 10 here.

You can also activate Windows 11 for free using KMSPico Activator.

Official KMSPico Windows 11.


How do I activate Windows text?

You can download the Windows 10 Activator Txt File from “” and save it as a batch file with the name kms.cmd. Then run that batch file as administrator.

How do I save an activation text file?

You should save the Windows 10 Activator Txt file as a batch file with the name “kms.cmd”.

How to use Windows 10 Activator Txt file extension?

  • Download & install Windows 10 Activation Txt File Chrome Extension.
  • Open It.
  • Click On the Activate Now Button.
  • Save the link to your computer.
  • Go to the Windows 10 Activation txt File.
  • Click on the Activate Button.

How do I fix Windows activation?

You can use the Windows Activation troubleshooter to fix the activation problems.

Follow the simple steps to fix it.

  1. Go to the Windows Settings app.
  2. Go to Updates & Security.
  3. Navigate to Activation.
  4. If Windows is not activated properly, you’ll have a Troubleshoot button there
  5. Click on it to start the troubleshooting wizard.

Windows will now scan your computer for possible activation problems and fix them for you.

How much does the Windows 10 upgrade cost?

Windows 10 is free for all who an upgrade from Windows 8 or 8.1 or those who are using a genuine copy of Windows 7. Otherwise, the upgrade costs up to $119 for the Home and $199 for the Professional Edition.

Download Windows 10 Activator Txt


Windows 10 Activator Txt is the best method to activate Windows 10 safely for free, without using any malicious software tools.

You can enjoy using the Windows 10 Pro version for free with Windows 10 Pro activator txt.

Activate Windows 10 txt with the official Windows Activator Txt.

You can also use the Official KMSPico Activator for free.

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