HWID KMS38 Download Free [2024]

HWID KMS38 uses Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) to activate Microsoft Windows & Office for free.

Here you can learn about the KMS38 Activator.


KMS38 is the same as Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) which is used to activate Windows for free.

It focuses on an open-source code with fewer antivirus detections.


You can activate your Windows with KMS38 either by the PowerShell Method or the traditional Windows Activation method.

PowerShell Method

On Windows 11 and Windows 10:

Right-click on the Windows start menu

Select PowerShell or Terminal.

Copy-paste the “irm https://massgrave.dev/get | iex” without quotation marks and press enter.

You will see the different Windows activation options, just follow the onscreen instructions.

That’s all.

Traditional Windows Activation Method

Get the file named MAS_1.7_Password_1234.7z.

Extract this file using a 3rd party archive manager, such as WinRAR or 7zip.

The password to extract the MAS file is 1234.

In the zip extraction folder, find the file named All-In-One-Version.

Run the file which is named MAS_AIO.cmd.

You can see the available Windows activation options.

Now simply follow the onscreen instructions.

That’s all.

This tool does not require internet at the time of activation.

KMS38 does not store any files to activate the system again.

It clears IP and Ports after Windows activation.

So you have to use a separate activator tool for MS Office.

If you have already activated Windows for 180 days.


HWID KMS38 is a Windows and Office activator that uses HWID, KMS38, or Online KMS activation methods.

This Activator Supports the following Microsoft products:

  • Enterprise S
  • Core
  • Core Country Specific
  • Core Single Language
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise S LTSB 2015
  • Enterprise S LTSB 2016
  • Professional
  • Professional Education
  • Professional Workstation

This tool can also activate the following servers:

  • Server Standard
  • Server Datacenter
  • Server Solution

KMS38 Download

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