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KMSPico Windows 10 is a new tool that works like KMSAuto Net. Click the KMSPico download button & get KMSpico Windows 10 Activator 2022.

This is the Official KMSPico Windows 10 Activator site.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is a tool that is used to activate Windows 10 & Microsoft Office products using the KMS service, permanently, for free.

It can activate all Windows and Office versions without using an online Key Management Server or KMS.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

KMSPico activator emulates an instance of a Key Management Server or KMS inside a personal computer using its local host.

It replaces the Windows 10 trial license with a Volume License Key.

It prevents MS Windows from connecting to the Windows online server for activation to keep it activated forever.

KMS Pico works in the same way as the Microsoft KMS server.

The only difference is that it is an offline KMS Server.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

The Official KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is a portable KMSPico version.

This tool supports the following Microsoft Windows versions:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

You can also activate all the latest Windows 11 versions with the KMS Pico 10 Windows 10 activator tool for free.

This tool can activate all the premium versions of Microsoft Windows 10 with its full customization and features.

KMS Pico supports Windows 11, Windows 8, and Windows 7 activation as well as all of the old Windows versions.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator tool supports the following Microsoft products:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Office 2016
  • Office 360
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2012
  • Office 2013

KMS emulator stores the Windows activation key on the local server and fetches it to activate the Windows and MS Office offline.

The famous group of developers Team DAZ and Heldigard developed the very first version of KMS Pico Activator.

They intended to make the activation easy for testing and learning purposes.

Follow the guidelines below to activate Windows 10 with KMSPico Windows 10 Activator.

Here we will explain how to install the activator and activate the Windows 10 OS in a very simple way.

Follow the steps below to perform a successful activation.

You can also use this activator to have a backup for your Windows operating system.

Windows 10 Product Key

Download KMSPico Windows 10 activator from our download page to activate both Windows 10 and Windows 11 permanently, for free.

Follow the steps below when you already have downloaded the activator.

Turn off Windows Virus and Threat Protection feature.

Antivirus treats all KMS Pico tools like viruses gives a false notification and deletes it.

You have to disable all kinds of antivirus software and also Windows’s in-built real-time protection features.

KMSPico Windows 10 Product Key

After this, get KMSPico Windows10 Activator.

It comes in a compressed and protected format.

You have to extract the setup files using WinRAR.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is also a password-protected file.

Use 12345 as a KMSPico Password to open it.

Run the kms setup file as administrator.

Click on the Activate Windows 10 button and wait for a few seconds.

Your Windows will be activated successfully with this magical kimspico tool.

Let’s now check for permanent Windows 10 activation:

  • Open CMD
  • Type “slmgr /xpr” hit “Enter”

A message will read “Windows 10 is permanently activated”.

You can also verify the activation by clicking on This PC and then selecting Properties.

This is the Lifetime Activation method for Windows 10 and other MS Windows editions.

This method can also be used to activate all other Microsoft products for free.

Download KMSPico Official.

Key Characteristics

  • Volume License Converter added
  • Bugs fixed
  • GVLKS added
  • Windows server support
  • CERTS added
  • MS Office Products Preview

KMSPico Windows 10 activator has some unique features with advantages and disadvantages as well.

KMSPico Windows 10 Features

Here we are listing some of the key characteristics, and new features along with the alternatives.

  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Easy To Use
  • All Windows and Office versions support
  • Updated
  • Free

Alternative Windows 10 activators

KMS38 Windows 10 Activation Method

KMS38 means it will activate Windows 10 till 2038.

It does not activate Windows 10 permanently.

This tool does not require an internet connection at the time of Windows activation.

KMS38 Windows 10 activator tool does not store any files in the system.

It clears IP addresses and other Ports after a successful Windows 10 activation.

If you have already activated Your Windows 10 for 180 days then you have to use a separate KMS activator tool for MS Office.

KMSPico Window 10 Activator Supports the following Windows 10 editions:

  • Enterprise S
  • Core
  • Core Country Specific
  • Core Single Language
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise S LTSB 2015
  • Enterprise S LTSB 2016
  • Professional
  • Professional Education
  • Professional Workstation
  • Server Rdsh

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator can also activate the following Microsoft Windows servers:

  • Server Standard
  • Server Datacenter
  • Server Solution

You may still see the message at the bottom right of Windows that reads “You have not activated Windows yet”, or it’s a non-genuine Windows 10 version, and you need to buy a Windows license.

Not Activating Windows 10

What are the consequences of not activating your Windows 10 OS?

When you refuse to activate Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP there will be a trial grace period of about 30 days.

It would work like a normal Windows within 30 days.

The latest Windows 10 version provides no grace or trial period of any kind.

There are no other consequences or penalties if you don’t activate Windows 10 for any reason.

It’ll just show you a message at the bottom right of the desktop screen that you have not activated Windows.

It’ll keep reminding you to activate it as soon as possible.

If you go into the Windows settings, at the bottom, it will also notify you there that you need to activate your Windows.

Neither of these notifications is going to stop you from using Windows.

The only limitation that is imposed on users is that they can’t customize Windows 10.

Unactivated Windows 10 users can’t change taskbar colors, can’t set a desktop background, and can’t do any personalization.

Windows 10 Customization

These penalties might not even be noticeable to some users.

We would not recommend you keep using Windows 10 or any other Windows version unactivated.

You should either pay for the Microsoft products or services or use KMSPico Windows 10 Activator to activate them for free.

But if you are running Windows 10 as unactivated, there is not going to be any significant problems with that.
There’s no grace period in Windows 10, it’s either Activated or not.

There are just a few limitations on a non-activated copy of Microsoft Windows including some annoying notifications.

Again you’re going to see those notifications frequently on the bottom right of your screen, telling you that Windows is not activated.

You’ll also be getting some other Windows notifications in the actions panel.

Also in the PC settings menu, it’ll keep telling you the same thing to activate it and it will restrict the personalization.

You cannot change app colors, desktop backgrounds, and lock screen images.

You can’t even change your user account pictures.

So no customization is allowed at all.

The most annoying thing is that every 6 hours you will be getting a Windows activation prompt.

It will pop up, again and again, to remind you that you haven’t activated the Windows.

That annoying notification sometimes overlays over anything or any other app being used.

It could be very annoying for some users depending on what task they are doing.

If you’re live on a conference call or you’re doing screencasting then the Windows activation prompt that pops up can be a lot embarrassing to you.

If you’re playing a video PC game and you’re about to win your round but suddenly the prompt pops up and you die.

That could also be a lot annoying for Windows PC gamers.

To avoid all this, use KMSPico Windows 10 Activator and get your Windows 10 activated instantly for free.

This Windows 10 activation reminder pop-up, sometimes happens in the worst possible situation.

Anyhow, Microsoft will not prevent you from using Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 was the last edition of MS Windows that came without a trial period.

Other Windows versions had a partial 30-day grace period.

At the end of that trial period, Microsoft stopped users from the usage of Windows.

If you don’t activate the old version of Windows for the first 3 days, nothing happens.

There will be a little icon on the system tray that reminds you to activate Windows.

For the next 27 days, users were getting a daily popup reminder at the taskbar once a day, so they could easily close it, and won’t be noticing anything.

After the 27th day and for the upcoming 3 days, the final part of that Windows grace period starts.

It used to pop up every 4 hours at the taskbar, trying to remind the users but again nothing could stop them from using Windows.

After 30 30-day grace period, users were getting a pop-up after every hour.

That was so much annoying.

Any time you open up the control panel, there will be a reminder message that you have not activated your Windows.

Activate Windows 10 Watermark

The other biggest penalty was that users could not install Windows system updates except for vital security updates and other critical ones.

So the users needed to upgrade it to get the latest security patches.

In Windows Vista, users cannot get any access to ReadyBoost or BitLocker tools until they activate them.

The most annoying thing was that the users were not allowed to stay logged into Windows Vista for more than one hour.

It used to log users out automatically after one hour by shutting down the Windows completely.

So it would either force them to log in again or possibly shut down the PC completely.

If you did not activate Windows Vista, you couldn’t use your computer in a meaningful way.

Why did Microsoft let users use Windows 10 nowadays?

Why has Microsoft offered free upgrades to Windows 10 in the last few years and let you use it without activating it?

Microsoft makes most of its profit from bulk Windows activations.

Big companies build lots of computers and they buy Windows activation licenses in bulk quantities.

A very small number of Windows 10 Product Keys are sold directly to the users.

The buyers of those Windows computers also pay for the Windows 10 Product key.

Most of these consumers are not pirating Windows 10 as well.

It’s not worth it for Microsoft to spend the money to catch the users when they’re already making so much money from their legitimate Windows users.

People who pirate Windows 10, face all this trouble just to customize it.

They don’t want to pay that many bucks just for the personalization of the Operating System.

So Microsoft is probably not going to recover much by forcing the users to activate Windows 10.

That’s why they recently released a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all users.

They just want as many Windows 10 users as possible.

Microsoft monetizes its Windows installations in many other ways.

They charge users for installing MS Office products or using OneDrive storage, or just buying some

Microsoft products from the Windows Store.

Microsoft knows well that these people will pirate Windows versions anyhow and they’re not going to buy the 100-dollar Windows product key.

So they just let the users use Windows 10 for free but restrict the customization.

That’s why they’re permanently moving towards a free Windows 10 OS for all.

So once everyone starts using MS Windows then they could start implementing extreme penalties to force people to activate.

They just let users get addicted to Windows OS and then force them to pay and activate it later on.

KMSPico Windows 10 activator can also be used to activate all the old Windows versions including Windows 2.1.

Supported Products

KMSPico Windows 10 activator support
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • MS Office 2016
  • Office 365
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007

Pros. & Cons.

KMSPico Windows 10 activator was developed by redesigning the original KIMSpico activator by Microsoft.

So it does not come with the limitations of the original Microsoft KMS Server.

  • With the KMSPico Windows 10 activator, you do not have to activate the Windows again in 180 days.
  • KMSPico activates your Windows 10 permanently.
  • No limit of 25 computers.
  • A fixed number of Office Applications is not required.
  • No waiting time of 2 hours to communicate with the KMS server.
  • No internet connection is needed for the activation process.
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy-To-Activate
  • You can activate Windows 10 in a few seconds just with one click.
  • KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is considered illegal for commercial and long-term use.
  • Anti-virus can detect this activation tool.


It is very easy to Uninstall KMSPico Windows 10 Activator completely from your computer.

You just need to uninstall it completely from your system, like any other ordinary software, at any time.

  • Locate the KMSPico Windows 10 Activator tool
  • Right Click on it
  • Click Uninstall

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is a Portable Windows & Office activator tool. It works like a KMS Server.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Portable

We provide you with a clean and safe KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Portable tool.

Activate Windows 10, Windows 11, MS Office 2016, and all other Windows and Office editions for free.

This portable KMS tool can only be used for testing and educational purposes.

KMSPico Windows 10 Portable

Official KMSPico KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Portable is an amazing software by Team DAZ.

This solution uses the KMS or Key Management Service emulation to register and activate Windows 10.

KMSPico performs Windows activation without connecting to online Microsoft activation servers for fetching the Windows 10 product key.

KMS Pico server generates Windows 10 product keys and stores them in the local host.

It replaces the Windows 10 trial license key with a brand-new and genuine Windows activation key.

Here we will guide you through the Windows 10 activation process step by step.

Turn off the Windows Security & turn off Windows real-time Virus Protection.

After that follow the steps shown below.

Step 1: Press the Windows button or tap on the Windows icon.

Step 2: Go to the Windows settings menu.

Step 3: Click on the Update and Security option.

Step 4: Turn off Real-time virus protection.

This way you can successfully turn off the Windows 10 security features.

Now download the portable KMSPico Windows 10 Activator.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is open-source software that is used to activate Windows 10, MS Office 2016, and other Microsoft products.

KMSPico is the only activator tool that can give you the lifetime activation of all Microsoft Windows Products.

There are many virus files named KMS Pico or KIMSPico, you must download the official KMSPico Windows 10 Activator setup file from the website because it is the safest one.

There are lots of fake official KMSPico sites over the internet that provide outdated KMSPico.

The full form of the KMSPico activator is Pico Key Management Server Activator.

KMSPico activator is a quite simple tool to use and has many advantages over other Windows patchers.

KMS Pico is a powerful and free Windows KMS patcher of all time.

People also search for this tool on Google as KIMSPico.

Here we will explain the complete installation process for this Windows 10 activator.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is only targeted at learners who want to use any Microsoft product for experiments.

The latest Windows 10 and Office activation is now just one click away without paying any single cent.

KMSPico Windows 10 Password

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Password

Use as a password to extract the downloaded setup file of KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Portable.

Download KMSPico Windows 10

Click the download button below.

Download Now


KMSPico Windows 10 Activator tool that is used to activate Office 2016, Windows 10, and all Microsoft products using the KMS activation method, free of charge.

KMS Pico replaces the Windows 10 trial license product key with the professional Volume License Key.

With this method, Windows 10 keeps working and remains activated forever.

It can also activate Windows 11, and Office 2016 permanently without connecting to the internet.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is genuine and very popular.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator’s password is 12345.

There are many other mods of the official KMS pico tool.

KMSAuto is another famous Windows 10 activator.

It is completely legal to use KMS activators only for learning and testing purposes.

It can also be used for any other educational and data backup purposes.

System Requirements: .NET 4.0 or Windows 7

What is fixed in this KMS pico version?

  • Fixed Windows 10 detection bugs.
  • Added support for all Windows 10 editions.
  • Fixed bug with Windows 10 Builds 10576.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Did you get an error while activating Windows 10 with KMSPico?

Here is the solution: Check out KMSPico Windows 10 Activator Error Fixed

You can also try Windows 10 Activator Txt.


KMSPico Windows 10 FAQ

What is KMSPico Windows 10 Activator?

It is open-source software to activate Windows 10, Office 2016, and other Microsoft products free of cost.

Is KMSPico Windows 10 Activator a virus?

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator is not a virus. Windows firewall treats KMSPico as a virus because it changes the Windows license key.

Is KMSPico Windows 10 Activator safe?

Yes. It is completely safe to use any original KMSPico tool to activate Office 2016 and Windows 10 OS.

Is KMSPico Windows 10 Activator?

No. It is completely legal to use KMSPico Windows 10 Activator for learning purposes. It is illegal to use KMS Pico for any business or commercial purpose. KMSPico Windows 10 Activator has no relation with Microsoft Corporation.

What is the KMSPico Windows 10 Activator official site? is the official website for KMSPico Windows 10 Activator.

How can I activate Windows 10 for free?

You can activate Windows 10 using KMSPico Windows 10 Activator.

Download the Official KMS Pico tool from the site.

Does Windows 10 need a product key?

Yes, the latest Windows 10 requires a product key for activation.

Windows 10 product key is Microsoft’s digital license key to authorize the users to install and use the Windows operating system.

You can use the KMSPico Windows 10 activator to get the Windows 10 product key for free.

Can I activate Windows 10 with the Windows 11 key?

Yes. Microsoft offers a free upgrade to Windows 10 and Windows 11 if you already have a PC with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7 installed on it.

Download the Windows 10 ISO image.


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KMSPico Office 2019

KMSPico Office 365

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