Official KMSPico Windows Activator Free [2024]

Official KMSPico
Official KMSPico

The official KMSPico is software that is used to activate Windows & MS office genuinely, for free. It works by emulating KMS Activator within a PC.

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The official KMSPico is software that is used to activate Windows & MS Office genuinely, for free. It works by emulating a KMS Activator within a PC.

KMSPico activator is a successful, safe, and very versatile tool that is used to activate all available versions of MS Office and Windows OS.

Official KMSPico Tool

Tech lovers do not ever want to have limitations.

When we are bound in our daily lives, it becomes difficult for us to perform our routine activities with ease and peace.

In today’s advanced and technological world, most of us use many software applications in our everyday lives without paying for them to get their premium or full editions.

It is because many of us can’t afford them.

Especially, the use of the basic Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office is at its peak in many fields of our lives.

Mostly, it is used in Educational Institutes, and it is not affordable for students to get the paid versions of Microsoft products including Office and Windows.

The team Daz developers resolved the issue and introduced the official KMSPico tool to activate Windows and Office for free.

KMSPico lets the students use and activate all MS products including Windows and Office, with all of their premium features, for free.

This amazing activator tool works for all Windows editions.

It supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8, and also works for all other Microsoft products and utilities.

Want to know more about the official KMSPico?

Here is the detailed page about the KMSPico Activator.

What is Official KMSPico?

The Official KMSPico is software that assists users in validating and activating Windows and MS Office products.

KMS Technology was introduced by Microsoft Corporation itself and the activation keys were also released by them to be used by the public on a “mutual interest” basis.

It is not illegal to use KMSPico for educational purposes because it does not infringe on Microsoft law and its policies.

KMSPico is somehow similar to a local server that enables computer machines to use Microsoft’s KMS technology for activation.

Official KMSPico Infographic

One of the questions is, is it unsafe to use KMSPico Activator?

The official KMSPico is not unsafe to use with any system or product.

KMS Pico is a virus-free Key Management System Software, released by Microsoft for public use for bulk activations.

Some of its users put their computers at risk by making them more vulnerable to malware and viruses, by disabling the antivirus programs so the tool works properly.

The Official KMSPico tool itself is trustworthy and does not contain any cyber threats.

That makes it safe to use for the public.

How KMSPico work?

KMS stands for Key Management Service.

It is a technology used to activate MS Windows and MS Office instantly in bulk.

Network administrators reach out to the available KMS servers and try to activate the required services and products.

Here what happens is that many tech guys replace the pre-installed key with a new professionally licensed key to allow the services to connect with the KMS server.

It is an illegal activity, of course.

KMSPico works perfectly on any PC and does not require any renewal or reactivation.

When the installation is finished, run the official KMSPico tool.

You need to click on the red color Activate Button there.

It will activate Microsoft Office and Windows versions installed on your PC, in just one click.

Official KMSPico Support

The latest KMSPico version is available to download for free on its official site “”.

It supports Windows 11, Windows 10, and Office 2016 to activate them permanently for free.

It also supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

The Official KMSPico can activate Office 2016, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2013, and Office 365.

It is best to use KMS-Pico to activate if any of your installed Microsoft Products are going to expire shortly.

Install the tool instantly and use it.

We always recommend you install the latest Microsoft .NET framework on your system to run the late KMSPico 11.0.0 tool.

Official KMSPico Windows 11 Activation

Check Windows 11 availability here.

Official KMSPico Activator

As soon as the installation of KMSPico finishes, different process executions take place inside the machine to bypass the security measures of the OS.

The good thing is that the software does not corrupt the system, at any cost.

Here are the features of the official KMSPico tool.

The best feature of this amazing tool is that it will back up all license information of the operating system during the installation that can be rolled back anytime if needed.

It makes users not worry about corrupting the system or disabling the OS.

KMSPico first locates the product activation root and then installs a digital virtual certificate there.

This process does not involve any sort of network activity or connectivity, so there is no need to connect your PC to the internet service.

KMS Virtual Server modifies Windows Registry Keys to the Windows System Registry and registers all the given protocols.

That’s how it creates a System Restore Point in the system.

KMS is wise enough to clean all the unused files and applications from the system.

 Now the rest of the magic is done by the official KMSPico Activator.

KMSPico lets users activate Windows and all Microsoft Office products with just one tap.

It provides a lifelong activation unless a new Windows or Office version is installed by the user.

Windows users with little or no technical knowledge do not have to worry at all because the software does not have any complicated steps to follow and perform technical functions.

The complete installation and activation are done with just a single tap.

Turn off Defender before Installing KMS.

It’s a very simple tool to install and activate.

Download it. Install it. Restart PC.


The Official KMSPico is also available in different languages and it is an entirely free-of-cost process.

There are no hidden charges for the activation, and neither tool needs network connectivity to operate on the system.

So, enjoy using KMSPico, freely!

There is no doubt that the tool is intuitive to use and it is one of the most popular activators ever available online free of cost.

KMS Pico uses a technology that activates the software in large quantities.

The software KMSPico activates Windows and Office by replacing the volume license key of Windows with a professional key.

This activator is entirely free of cost and does not contain any attached viruses or bugs.

So if you have downloaded KMSPico’s latest version, you are good to go and get it installed quickly on the system.

Also, make sure to install the activator’s version that goes best with your PC specifications and model.

KMSPico could affect the registry files of your PC so it will be detected by the Virus Protection application or the

Window’s real-time virus protection.

Windows 7 Activation

You can always install KMSPico by temporarily disabling the Windows Defender or a Virus Guard.

KMS Pico activator is an installer GUI that will register your Windows and Office on the PC and it takes just 2 seconds to complete the entire activation process.

When the application is installed on your system, click on the activate button to activate all supported programs running there on your PC.

It notifies the users with a pop showing that the Product is Successfully Activated.

Users can also check for registration keys on both Windows and Office which will show that the Product is activated successfully.

In short, the official KMSPico activator is the best tool to activate the software and product.

KMS Pico is a versatile tool.

It allows activating Windows so that the users can avail of all sorts of features and customization.

Pico KMS is an easy-to-use software that does not require any difficult steps to follow to activate Windows and Office products.

The tool is completely safe from any corrupt files or viruses, allowing the users to install and activate the products safely with no worries.

The graphical user interface of the KMSPico tool is intuitive and user-friendly making it 100% secure and simple.

Note that you will find many websites claiming to have official KMSPico but unfortunately, you will end up installing a virus into the PC.

You need to be wise enough before downloading any fake KMSPico setup files.

You may also look for a community forum for a safe download of the KMS Activators.

Officially, the latest version of the official KMSPico activator is uniquely designed to assist all types of users to overcome any difficulty faced in activating Office or Windows OS.

You are going to get an opportunity to utilize all features of Windows without any limitations, with this amazing tool.

You may also notice that in different forums, experts do not recommend downloading and installing the KMSPico software.

It is completely fine to activate the software products via the genuine KMS Pico tool.

KMSPico is the most reliable activator for all Windows versions since Windows 8.

KMSPico works better for Enterprise and similar versions, so, for Windows 8 and 8.1, always use this activator.

For Windows Vista and 7, there is another tool that is not compatible with UEFI on Windows 7 and for 10 yet another, non-KMS tool is compatible with all environments.

It’s offered by a company called Microsoft.

They charge a little moderate fee but provide license versions to suit your circumstances.

That fee includes unlimited updates and improvements for as long as you may need, for the best supported, very secure, and most widely used OS.

You can check on a Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems.


There are a few disadvantages of using the KMS Pico tool:

You do not get any tech support from Microsoft.

Getting genuine Windows updates may become difficult, sometimes.

Your system may become prey to key loggers and other malicious viruses.

Don’t forget to turn the Windows real-time virus protection and other anti-virus programs ON once you successfully activated your Windows or Office.

Official KMSPico Installation

Win32/AutoKMS Detection

What should you do if Win32/AutoKMS is detected by Windows Defender in Windows 10 Pro?

Win32/AutoKMS is not malware or a virus. It is simply a component of the system for activating the Volume

License copies of Microsoft Windows or Office.

A large company normally keeps track of its licenses by something called a “Key management system” or KMS.

KMS allows organizations to activate and deactivate bulk copies of Windows and Office according to their needs.

An AutoKMS or Auto Key Manage System installs an emulator located at C:\Windows\KMService.exe in the hard drive.

Now, the Windows Defender as well as most anti-virus programs will read a false positive on this because

Microsoft wants you to pay to activate Microsoft Office and Windows.

A team of researchers disabled Windows Defender and Kaspersky and ran a check on the hash number of this installation.

Out of nearly 100,000 recent users, 80% classified it as a highly safe tool and 20% of them classified it as a safe tool.

So why would you assume that KMSPico contains a Trojan?

Most anti-virus programs declare something like a “virus” or a Trojan because someone has paid them to do it.

This does not mean that all activators are safe and secure, not at all.

In the case of the official KMSPico activator, it is a false positive only.

Is KMS Activator a virus program?

The answer to this heavily depends on where you get it from.

Many fake official sites offer tools packaged with malware and viruses.

You have to disable the antivirus while using it, so this is an excellent time for them to load you up.

The official KMSPico tool must run at the moment when it is double-clicked on its setup file.

If it asks you to install anything else before you are allowed to launch it, you have the wrong file.

Delete it immediately and run your antivirus tools.

Even if KMSPico works as intended, it’s always a good idea to watch your background processes.

Make sure the activator is the only thing running.

You can Google, how to check background processes.

Once the activation is done, continue to monitor what is going on in your system to make sure your data is safe.

It isn’t very ethical to use this tool other than for educational or testing purposes.

It’s up to you, how you handle it.

What is Official KMSPico?

The Official KMSPico is a software that helps all Windows OS users in the activation of Windows and MS Office products for free.

How to identify fake KMSPico?

The official KMSPico tool runs at the moment when it is double-clicked. If it asks you to install any other file or application, it is a fake KMSPico, delete it immediately.


Click the KMSPico download button below to start downloading the Official KMSPico Windows 10 Activator.


Official KMSPico Old

Official KMSPico is a famous Windows activator.

KMS Pico tool helps you to activate Windows 11 and Windows 10 permanently for free, without using any product keys.

When you’re activating your copy of Windows, you can activate other Microsoft products at the same time as well.

All these activations are done in a matter of seconds.

The official KMSPico is a lightweight and the most successful activator used by Windows users, ever.

KMS or Key Management Service was created to activate software deployed by Microsoft in bulk or corporate environments.

KMS Pico works by replacing the pre-installed activation key with a new volume license key, creating an emulated instance of a KMS server on your machine.

There are some online KMS servers as well.

This tool forces the products to activate themselves.

This activator is 100% bug-free and there is no virus or malware in it.

It is a safe tool with fraud protection.

You will also receive Windows system updates using this tool, so it helps you to protect your system.

KMSPico Windows 10 activator is a working and safe tool.

It supports all kinds of Windows versions.

This tool is completely free, so no financial account is needed, and it does not contain any type of ads.

KMSPico can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

To use the official KMSPico activator with XP, Vista, or 7 you must install .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

You may also check Microsoft Toolkit activators.

Here is the latest KMSPico 11.

Official KMSPico
Official KMSPico

The official KMSPico is software that is used to activate Windows & MS office genuinely, for free. It works by emulating KMS Activator within a PC.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Activator

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