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KMSAuto Net is a famous & secure activator for Windows 11, Windows 10, 8, 7 & MS Office. Just like its name, it is a fully automated activation tool.

KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto Net is an open-source software application for Windows activation.

It is a free activation tool for Windows 11, Windows 10, 8 & 7.

It also supports Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2019, and all Windows servers.

KMS Auto Net activates Windows and MS Office without adding or changing system files.

It does not interfere with the system hardware as well.

So there is no compromise on the operating system’s security and performance.

This tool is not something new.

Just like KMSPico, KMSAuto Net is a legitimate activator.

It was developed by Microsoft to activate its corporate products.

It is very simple to use.

It is a 1-Click activation method.

Just download KMS Auto Net, install it, and click on the Activation button.

One of the most commonly faced issues for Windows users is the activation of the OS.

They know very well, that a free and successful activation is not an easy task.

The reason is that most of the users do not want to purchase a Windows license.

There are many free activation methods available on the internet.

All you need is a good activation tool like KMS Auto Net.

KMSAuto Net Portable

There are many things to consider before installing any activator tool.

Most of the tools do not work at all.

Some of them contain viruses and bugs.

So you need to be very careful while choosing any activator tool.

KMSAuto is a very old and trusted activator.

This is also a free tool.

You do not have to spend any money to activate Windows.

It just replaces the trial version of Windows with the licensed version.

This tool does not require any phone or SMS for activation, nor require any product or activation key.

There are a lot of activation keys available on the internet, but most of them do not work at all.

So here KMS works for you.

You do not have to search for activation keys anymore.

Microsoft Office Activation

MS Office Activation

You can not install KMSAuto in two cases:

  1. If your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Your Windows firewall is active or real-time protection is ON.

Because Antivirus detects KMSAuto 2016 as a virus.

So you need to turn OFF the real-time protection or antivirus and disconnect from the internet.

Windows or Office will not deactivate after the installation even if your firewall is active.

The main advantage of all KMS-based tools is they provide lifetime activation.

All of the popular activators are a kind of crack.

They are included on the blacklist in most antivirus programs.

You must have to disable the antivirus program before downloading.

You can add the KMS Auto service.exe file to the antivirus exceptions.

KMSAuto Infographic

Windows Real-Time Protection

Here we will guide you step by step to turn off the Windows real-time protection before downloading and installing KMS Pico or KMSAuto.

Follow the following steps carefully, it will just take one minute to turn it off.


Windows 10 Defender deletes this program. You should turn off the Windows security. Follow the steps to turn Off Windows Real-Time Protection

One minute 1 minute

  1. Press Windows Key


    Press the Windows Key on the keyboard or click on the Windows icon at the leftmost corner of your desktop to get into the Windows menu.

  2. Go to settings


    Go to Windows Settings and then navigate to Update& Security Settings.

  3. Select Windows Security Settings


    Click on Windows Security.

  4. Click on Virus & Threat Protection


    Right-Click Virus & threat protection.

  5. Go to Manage Settings


    Click on Manage Settings at the bottom of the virus & threat protection menu.

  6. Toggle to turn off


    Toggle the On-Off button to the left and turn the real-time protection off.

  7. Ignore Windows’s Security Notification


    You have successfully turned off Windows real-time protection. Just ignore the Windows notifications and security alerts for now and proceed with the installation of KMSAuto or KMSPico.

Now install KMSAuto and Activate Office with just one click.

Windows Activation

Windows Activation

Follow the same steps mentioned above for the office, to activate the Windows permanently.

It is at your fingertips…

There is no technical science to that.

No need for technical knowledge or coding.

The whole process does not take more than 1 minute!

KMSAuto Vs KMSPico


KMSNano, KMSPico, KMSpico portable, KMSpico portable Lite, and KMSauto all these activators use Key Management Service to activate Microsoft Products.

KMSPico is used more than KMSAuto because it is the most famous and oldest activator tool

But you can use any one of them.

It depends on the system’s hardware.

If one of the tools is not working well with your installed system then you can try another one.

The important thing is you should first make sure that the website is real before you click on the download button.

Do not download these tools from any fake site.

There are many sites, all of which claim they are official sites.

80% of them have virus files in the name of KMSAuto or KMSPico.

Stay away from them to save your system.

How KMSAuto works

How KMSAuto Works

The default method to activate Windows 8.1 by connecting it with the activation server using the localhost addresses from to is blocked.

Here KMS Auto makes the activation server consider your system as a subscriber of KMS servers.

It creates an emulated instance of the original Microsoft KMS server on your computer’s local server.

After creating an emulation, it activates Windows with a volume license key.

After doing the task, it removes that emulated server from your machine.

That’s it. Windows is activated.

It uses KMS (Key Management Service) to activate Windows and Office software products.

It requires a purchased license or some sort of assurance.

There is a KMS Volume license agreement.

Customers who have that assurance could benefit from that service.

KMS Net runs this service on your machine even if it is not connected to the internet by using an emulated KMS server.

Let’s consider some major issues of an operating system before discussing the configuration of this tool.

Operating System Components

The two main components of any operating system are the clients and the servers.

Client-Side: Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Enterprise products, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Server Side: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2012 R2, and Windows 2012.

The client computer doesn’t need to be a Domain Member for the KMS.

KMS Auto uses the same product key for the main version and all the subversions of that product.

For example, if you used a key to install and activate Server 2012.

The same product key will be used to activate all its sub-versions.

So you don’t have to worry about searching the different product keys for different applications inside the same OS.

You have to allow TCP 1688 port from both firewalls:

  • The Windows firewall.
  • The firewall in front of the emulated KMS server in your private network.

After installing the server it needs to be prompted for activation requests from a certain number of different client computers or products.

When these clients send an activation request at the same time, the KMS becomes activated for servers.

KMS Auto assigns a different status to each product.

It emulates 25 Windows clients, 5 Office products, and 5 Servers.

The activation license of the KMS-activated products is valid for 180 days.

The license of the computer activated via KMS is 180 days.

This license needs to be renewed after every 7 days.

The client machine has to communicate with the KMS server per week.

In case the client computer does not communicate with the KMS server within 6 months, the license will become invalid.

The date and time settings of the system must be corrected before installing this tool.

A newly installed operating system attempts the activation with the KMS server for 3 days.

You have to just open the activated applications like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, or MS Word to renew the activation automatically for the first 3 days of the installation.

Just open and close the applications, and activate them in the next reboot.

To successfully register for Win 8.1 you should follow the given instructions for how to use KMSauto 2016 launcher.

There are also Professional and advanced modes for running this tool.

At any time, you can change the mode from the program tab.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Vista Windows
  • Windows Server 2012
  • MS Office
  • Microsoft Project


KMSAuto Net’s latest version supports all editions of Microsoft Windows above Win 7.

The latest version of this tool supports the activation of Windows 10 and Office 2016.

It can also activate all the MS Office from 2010 to 2016.

This tool is a legal activator, Microsoft itself created it.


  • Secure and reliable Windows activation.
  • Professionally activates Windows.
  • Faster and easier than other activators.
  • The new version of KMS Auto is super fast. It works very well without any type of system failure.
  • It provides a simple and quick way to activate Windows.
  • You can use your product key for activation with this tool.
  • KMS Auto comes with a very simple GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • It provides you with a very good user experience. You do not need any additional skills for the installation of this software system.
  • It takes just one minute and one click to activate.
  • User-friendly software design.
  • Easy to download, install, and activate.
  • Works for all Windows 7 and above.
  • Works for all MS Office 2010 and above.


Mainly activator tools come pre-loaded with some activation keys.

But the problem with them is they fail to obtain a correct activation key.

Most of their keys are useless.

This tool can activate Windows 11, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server, and Microsoft Office from 2010 to 2016 with the original activation key.

You do not have to activate every 6 months or so.

It activates Windows and Office permanently.

This tool comes with a Windows activation backup function (i.e. activation by phone).

Language: English

System requirements

The latest version requires the following hardware and software systems:

  • From Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Net framework 4
  • Administrator privileges
  • Minimum 5 MB of free space

Download KMSAuto Net

Download KMSAuto

Install KMSAuto

Step-1: First of all locate the downloaded file.

Step 2: Use WinRar and unzip the compressed file, that you just downloaded from here.

Step 3: Click on Install and let the installation wizard finish.

Step-4: The program window comes with two buttons: Activation and Information.

Click on the “Activate button”.

Step-5: Choose Windows activation.

Step 6: Now just wait till the activation is complete.

Step 7: Reboot the PC.

Windows is activated successfully!

Remove KMSAuto Virus

There is a virus with the same name. It is not a real KMSAuto.

If you download this tool from unofficial or fake official sites, you might get this virus.

You do not need to search for 1 or 2 hours for “how to remove KMS virus” and no need to watch lots of YouTube videos and waste your time.

You can remove this KMS virus by using some trusted antivirus programs like Avira and Norton.

If you are unable to delete it then you have to restore the operating system and delete all the system files in the C drive.

That’s why we repeatedly say: “Please do not download KMSPico, KMSAuto, Windows loader, or Microsoft ToolKit from fake sites. Never do it.”

Solution for the activator virus > Uninstall Kmspico

Remove KMSAuto NET Shortcuts folders

Step-1: Press the Windows key and type run or press the Windows+R keys.

Step 2: Type the “Regedit“ command.

Step-3 Grant user permissions.

Step-4: Extend the folder list and move it to the folder with the name “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT“.

Step-5: Open the sub-folder with the name “Lnkfile“.

Step-6: Here you will see many files. Locate the “shortcut”.

Step-7: Now Right-click over this file and delete it.

Step 8: Reboot the PC

The shortcut folders for that KMS Auto virus will be removed.

KMSAuto Password

You need a password to extract the KMS Auto file to get the setup file.

Here you require WinRAR to unzip.

The password for the archive file is

KMSAuto Net Versions

KMSAuto Versions

KMSAuto Version 1.4.0

Fixed Conversion problem of Office 2016 Mondo.

Version 1.3.9

Fixed Conversion problems from Office 2016 Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Microsoft OneNote, Outlook, and MS PowerPoint.

Version 1.3.8

Added Features: Adjusted display button sizes when the font size is increased to more than 100%.

Modified: Showing expiry dates of licenses used in the activation.

New feature: Restoring system files from the hard drive.

Version 1.3.7

Readme.txt is added in Bulgarian.

Customization was added to save MSActBackUp v1.0.8 for activation.


  • The default Product Key is changed to version 1.80.
  • Modified setting Keys.
  • The rescheduled task is to be run for 10 days.

Version 1.3.5

  • Modified system product key to version 1.70.
  • TAP drivers were added for Windows 10. A random IP address is used to support the activation.
  • Modified compilation so that anti-virus cannot detect and delete it.
  • MS Activation Backup feature added.
  • Added product activation keys for Office 2016 and Windows 10.
  • Conversion support from Office 2016 RETAIL version to Volume License version.
  • Activate the Office ” button is disabled if it is not the Office is not installed on the computer.

KMSAuto V1.3.4

Fixed compatibility with antivirus tools.

KMS Auto V1.3.3

License channel conversion in In Office 2013 RETAIL, Office Pro Plus, Office Vision Pro, MS Project Pro on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 to KMS client License.

KMSAuto V1.3.2

Windows Technical Preview interface modified.
Added French GUI.

KMS Auto V1.3.1

A script is added to look for outdated updates of Office 2010, and 2013, and removes them.


The language switch feature has been added.

Version 1.3.1.b2

Errors in scheduling a task from the command prompt are fixed.


Activation of Windows 10 and Windows Technical Preview.

KMS Auto net V1.3.0

Activate OEM editions: Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing, Windows 8.1 Pro for Education.


Product Key changed to version 1.66


Integration of KMS Log Analyzer.xlsm. To see the log in the activation tool.


Working of the Program Information Button on the About Tab is adjusted.


Activation Key installation with command “slmgr.vbs /upk” was fixed.
Driver files are password-protected so that antivirus cannot delete them.


Option to disable Task Scheduling Feature to stop monitoring user actions.


Scheduling a task from CMD is fixed.


Windivert method utilized to activate in Auto mode.


  • Windows and Office activation optimized.
  • Removed minor bugs.
  • Added KMSSS.exe support installation with Hwid KMS-Server.

Version 1.2.2

Added Time and Date display in the log file.

KMSAuto V1.2.1

Modified to convert Systems Editions.

Convert Office RETAIL to VL button added in professional mode.

Version 1.2.0

Settings tab modified.

Version 1.1.9.b1

  • The option to choose activation intervals between 10 to 20 days was added.
  • GVLK Key installation added in Utilities Tab.
  • KMS Log Analyzer was added to view logs of KMS easily.

Version 1.1.7 to v1.1.8

  • The program interface was modified.
  • Searching for a solution in Auto mode to find the correct IP address.
  • Optimized Activation functions in Windows and Office.


  • Reset the program button to default values.
  • Faster drivers unpacking.
  • Task scheduler added.
  • Fixed Deleting addresses from the KMS Server.


Added Save Option for Program settings.


The Product Key is integrated into an executable file.


Fixed bugs in accessing the folders.


Fixed a minor bug in the Task Scheduler.


Disable a method of activation option was added.


Connect to the KMS server in Hook mode without replacing the files.


Added an activation method by temporarily replacing 8.1 files.


Minor bug fixed.

KMSAuto Version 1.0.9

  • Ability to change the product key in every session.
  • KMS service stability when a scheduled task is executed in the first installation.
  • Disable the option for autoloading of KMS Service during the activation process.
  • System Edition is checked before activation.
  • A classic method by localhosts is not used for 8.1 editions.
  • Type-2 TAP adapter added to resolve TAP VPN.


Option to remove the WinDivert driver to avoid system crashing in BSOD mode. It is removed after the first restart by default.

Ability to run the program from the command line.


Three different modes are added to connect with the KMS Server.


KMS Server Service (KMSSS.exe) was added to show the IP address of the client in a log file.


Small changes in the interface

KMSAuto Version 1.0.5

Client Operating System version information is added to the log file.


A folder is specified to save the log output.

Minor bugs fixed.


  • Modified KMS-Service to use an ePID of your choice for separate products.
  • CSVLK key added to the actual key.
  • Small Change in interface to remove TAP drivers.
  • Added Support for Core edition, Single Language, and Embedded Industry editions.


  • Modified TAP drivers settings interface.
  • Activation Backup and Restore feature is added.
  • Task schedular is added to activate Windows and Office.


  • GVLK key is added to R2 servers.
  • Small changes in GUI.

KMSAuto V1.0.0

The first release of KMSAuto.

You can also try KMSPico Portable Google Drive to activate Windows 11 safely.


KMSAuto Net FAQs
  1. Is KMSAuto net a virus?

    No. It is not a virus. It is an activator tool for Windows and MS Office products.

  2. What is the password for KMSAuto?

    The password for the KMSAuto installation is

  3. What is KMSauto NET?

    KMSAuto Net is a Windows and Office activator tool.

Is KMS activation safe?

Yes. It is completely safe to use KMS activation to activate Windows, MS Office, and other Microsoft products.

Is KMSAuto safe to use?

Yes. It is a safe and secure tool from

What are the alternatives to KMSAuto?

Alternatives to KMSAuto are KMSPico, Microsoft ToolKit, KMSnano, Office 2016 activation script, office 2016 activation master, and Microsoft activation script.

What are the differences between KMSauto and KMSpico?

There is no big difference between KMSPico and KMSAuto. It depends on your system hardware model. Sometimes one works better than the other. KMSPico is more famous and widely used.

Is KMS activation permanent?

KMS Activation is temporary but with KMSAuto the activation is permanent.


The latest KMSAuto version supports all the Windows operating systems, Windows servers, and MS Office editions.

It has no errors and all the bugs are fixed.

It is a free tool so you do need to pay anything to download it.

It is 100% free of cost.

It activates Windows and MS Office permanently.

If you want to buy Microsoft 365 Edition visit Microsoft.

Download KMSPico.

Download Windows 10 Activator txt.

Download KMSPico Windows 11.

Visit the KMSPico Download Page.

Thanks a lot for visiting us.

Have a Good Time!

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KMSAuto Net is a famous & secure activator for Windows 11, Windows 10, 8, 7 & MS Office. Just like its name, it is a fully automated activation tool.

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