KMS Activation | Windows Server [2024]

In KMS Activation of Windows Servers, we use an activation key to activate a server. These keys can be found on a chart that gets updated at Microsoft.

KMS Activation

If you’re going to be activating a Windows Server 2019 and you have a standard server.

You’re going to use those keys here.

So everybody in the world is going to use the same key.

This is the key that you use if you’re going to be doing the 2016 standard.

You’re going to use this key if you have Windows Pro on your network.

And you going to be activating those.

You would use this key or whatever corresponding key that you’re going to be using.

First, you have to update the batch file that you’re going to run on that system.

You can preload these keys and stuff them into an image in VMware.

So that when it launches all the settings are there

It doesn’t matter what hardware it’s on, it gets activated.

This just really takes all the worry and concern and things about activating out of the way.

If you need to bring up a server to do something for two or three months, you have a test project, there’s no issue right you bring it up.

You run it, you shut it down or you’re going through upgrades.

You’re transferring data from one version of the server to the new version of the server.

Like you’re going from 2016 to 2019, or you’re doing those kinds of upgrades, and you want to make sure that you know your keys are in place.

If you went from 2012 R2 to 2016 and you forgot to activate the 2016 box and then suddenly you’ve been running this new system of software.

Then, sorry you’ve not activated anymore.

Here we need KMS activation to avoid this.

You know, connections get dropped and the server has issues because of that.

So this just kind of takes all that out of the way.

And makes it so you know I haven’t even thought about or touched or even dealt with anything that had to be activated.

And you know in several years since I set this up at my current company.

KMS Activation Infographic

There is a complete guide in Microsoft for how to configure your KMS activation host and how to set up DNS.

All of these things are so that you can keep everything on your network activated if you are not using a KMS activation method.

I mean these are really small businesses as they grow what happens is they’re in the mode because they’re a small business that they have to get, you know, keys for everything.

Especially if they’ve gotten to the point where they’re virtualizing.

And they have VMware running or hyper-v one of these systems.

Now they’re starting to get where they’ve got 50 people in the office.

They’re having to bring up virtual machines for them.

And oh wait.

They got something saying it’s not activated.

Now we’re going to try and buy keys.

You know and back and forth.

So once you get, like I said the thresholds, five servers or twenty-five workstations activated.

Once you get to that point you need to just switch over to this and start using it.

And all the activation problems will just go away.

So check the client’s keys. Also, check how to set up a guide at Microsoft.

KMS Activation Server

If you are trying to activate a Windows 2019 server you need to have a key that is specific to Windows 2019.

If you have a volume license key that is for 2019 you can host sat key on 2019 2016 and 2012 R2.

And you can activate pretty much everything underneath that from 8.1 to 10 to Server 2016 and Server 2019.

All those different versions of Windows 7 and Windows 7 Enterprise, it goes back that far.

But if you have a server license for a volume license key for Server 2016 you cannot activate 2019.

So you cannot go forward you can only go backward.

So make sure you know that as the new servers come out you want to start migrating and moving to these newer versions of servers.

Like 2019 is out so you want to start moving there so now you have to go get a license key for your KMS activation server.

To license a Windows Server 2019, you need a volume license 2019 key.

You can also activate Windows 10 with the KMS Server.

Okay. So that’s how you do kind of KMS activation and get that setup.

If you’re getting enough servers in your environment you should move to KMS activation.

KMS activation will solve a lot of these problems about getting activations and getting those things done.

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