Microsoft Office Activation Script Free [2024]

Microsoft Office Activation Script is used to activate MS Office free. It is an alternative to KMSPico and KMSAuto tools. It activates permanently.

Microsoft Office Activation Script

Some activation scripts point to a KMS server to grab a license from there.

If you don’t have access to that online KMS server, you won’t be able to obtain an activation key.

Basic SLUI batch activation scripts fetch the existing product key again and again from Windows Servers to ensure its validity.

You can’t use batch activation scripts to obtain Windows Product keys if you don’t have access to the KMS.

Some scripted activation operations force a recheck for the license from the KMS.

They insert a MAK key into the OS and trigger the activation.

A valid key is required for all scripts to work on Windows or MS Office.

If you have a valid license for your hardware or an OEM license, you can just force the recheck.

You may have some other license sources, in that case just insert that key and then start the activation.

Microsoft Office Activation Script can not activate any version of MS Office if you don’t have a license for the product that you’re trying to activate using the batch script.

Multiple Activation Keys or MAK keys activate Office or Windows using batch scripts and the KMSPico tool.

All MAK keys have an activation limit.


  • User friendly
  • Less Anti-Virus detection
Microsoft Office Activation Script Infographic

HWID Activation Script

It is used to activate Windows from the system hardware.

This activation is forever.

After every installation, Windows needs to be connected to the internet to get the license.

It does not install any files in the system.

Don’t Use VPN, privacy-based hosts, and anti-spy tools, during running the script.

You may see some errors like ‘blocked key’.

The reason for those errors can be an anti-virus tool, corrupt system files, or the Microsoft server.

Reinstalling the same Windows edition from a Retail Windows 10 ISO will activate the system when it connects to the internet.

This tool can activate the following operating systems :

  • Core (N)
  • Core Country Specific
  • Core Single Language
  • Windows Education (N)
  • Enterprise (N)
  • Enterprise S (N) (LTSB 2015)
  • Enterprise S (N) (LTSB 2016)
  • Professional (N)
  • Professional Education (N)
  • Professional Workstation (N)
  • Server Rdsh


Microsoft Office Activation Script FAQ
  1. What is the Microsoft activation script?

    It is some lines of code written to activate Windows and Office.

  2. How does Microsoft Office Activation Script work?

    Microsoft Office Activation scripts work with HWID / KMS38 / Online KMS activation methods.

Is it safe to activate Windows 10 using a batch file?

Yes, it is safe to use them if downloaded from the official website.

Is Microsoft Office Activation Script safe?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to use them compared to other activator tools.

Download the Microsoft Activation Script

Download Microsoft Activation Script

KMSPico is also a genuine Windows Activator.

It is easier to use than other batch scripts.

Other activators like Microsoft Toolkit and KMSAuto are also available for free activation.

Download the Latest KMSPico Activator.

Microsoft Office Scripts in Excel.

You can also check the Windows 10 Product Key.

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