Microsoft Earning Cryptocurrency Patent [2024]

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Microsoft Earning is based on its patents, royalty fees, paid products, freeware on Android, & other operating systems including MS Windows.

Microsoft Cryptocurrency Patent

Microsoft filed an international patent for a Cryptocurrency mining system using human body activity recorded data.

It was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO on March 26, 2020.

Microsoft is permitted to use a system that uses the data from daily body activities like exercising and brain activities like reading, to mine cryptocurrency.

This way a user could be solving complex computational problems without being conscious.

Microsoft Cryptocurrency Patents

It is all about mining cryptocurrency using human body activities with specific tasks.

The body activity of a user is used in the crypto-mining process.

A cryptocurrency mining system is connected to a server.

That server is connected to a device used by a user.

That device records the body activities of that user by taking the output from some biosensors attached to the user’s body.

That device records that data and sends it back to the cryptocurrency mining server.

That crypto server matches that data using certain algorithms.

If the body activity data of the user satisfies the conditions set by the crypto mining algorithm, it awards the user by adding a specific amount of cryptocurrency or digital coins into the user’s crypto wallet.

This is also known as Microsoft Patent 60606 or Bill Gates 666 Patent.

This cryptocurrency system patent contributes a lot to the Microsoft Earning Process.

Learn more about Microsoft Crypto Currency Patent.

Microsoft Earning | Android Phones

Android Earning

Microsoft Earning is estimated at $10 when we buy an Android Phone.

Microsoft makes much more money from Android than from Windows Phone.

Every time you buy an Android smartphone or tablet Microsoft is likely receiving 5 to $15.

They likely make at least three billion dollars per year from Android let’s find out how.

Many of us often wonder how Microsoft makes money from Android.

The revenue probabilities point towards the products that Microsoft creates for Android.

They offer freemium tools like MS Word for Android or Office for Android and things like that.

They are available for free to Android users and there are no subscription plans that might point toward Microsoft making money out of such products.

While it is true that Ballmer had pointed out that freemium products will help Microsoft earn in the longer term they alone cannot be the source of revenue Microsoft Earned from Android.

It is estimated that Microsoft earns anything between $5 and $15 for every new Android device sold in the cell phone market.

Samsung has paid around 1 billion dollars to Microsoft in the last 2 years for shipping and selling new phones running Android.

Thus the major source of revenue for Microsoft from Android is not freemium products.

Msft Earning

Msft Earning

Then what is the main source of Microsoft earnings?

According to BBC and a few other sources, Microsoft charges patent usage fees from phone and tablet manufacturers that run Android.

You might wonder how that happens and what fees Microsoft charges.

Android is considered more of Google, there are many things to be considered in this respect.

Microsoft has never officially revealed the details of its licensing agreements with Android device manufacturers.

We are piecing together all the information here from multiple sources.

Microsoft Patents

Microsoft Patent Earning

We do know that Microsoft tells Android device manufacturers that Android infringes on their patents to make things right.

The device manufacturer needs to cut Microsoft Earning in, on the devices themselves.

If the device manufacturer doesn’t enter into a patent licensing agreement, Microsoft will likely sue them.

The FAT file system on Android phones is one of the main Microsoft Earning sources from Android.

The FAT file system was developed by Microsoft back in the days when it used to manufacture MS-dos.

FAT file system allowed for longer file names up to 255 characters long.

Before the FAT32 system file names were allowed only to be 8 characters long.

FAT is a file storage system that allows longer filenames that the operating system would shorten and store in backward compatibility form.

Before FAT spaces were not allowed in filenames with FAT file names like my documents are stored like this.

That satisfied the requirement of a file name having just eight characters.

Since Android employs the system to store files and folder names, it contributes to Microsoft’s earnings.

Microsoft charges a patent fee from all those device manufacturers.

Microsoft has been using this patent against Linux devices since 2003.

Microsoft Earning Infographic

In 2009 they sued TomTom for violating two of their patents on the FAT file system.

TomTom used the Linux kernel in their GPS devices and Microsoft argued that the fact, support in the Linux kernel infringed their patents.

Rather than going to court, TomTom settled and paid Microsoft patent royalties.

Microsoft has always argued that Linux infringed their patents so it’s not a surprise they argue Android built on Linux FAT file system is just one of the Microsoft inventions that Android employees.

Many other small things require permission from Microsoft.

It is not clear if most of such inventions were even patented by Microsoft legally.

Some say that Microsoft cannot win a legal battle over patent fees if the issue is taken to court because, in reality, Microsoft has never had to defend its Android patents in court.

Rather than risk an expensive court battle with Microsoft, Android manufacturers just pay Microsoft for a license so they can get on with business.

It’s generally cheaper to pay off patent trolls than to fight them in court and this is even more true for a company with cash reserves as big as Microsoft.

Thus the device manufacturers sign a nondisclosure agreement for patent usage.

It is not clear how much each device manufacturer pays Microsoft towards the patent usage fees as Microsoft earnings from Android devices are not declared separately in its balance sheets.

It includes the amount in the sectors that are running in losses such as Xbox and Skype and covers the losses.

One company that did try to fight back against Microsoft was Barnes & Noble.

Microsoft argued that the Nook and Android-based e-reader infringed their patents and that Barnes and Noble should pay up.

Things were reportedly looking good for Barnes and Noble in court but Microsoft settled with them in 2012 with Microsoft investing 300 million dollars in a Barnes & Noble subsidiary and granting them patent rights.

I hope this answers the question about Microsoft Earning from Android.

It is not just freemium products are just a small percentage.

The major income for Microsoft is the patent license agreements between Microsoft and cell phone manufacturers.

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Microsoft Earning is based on its intellectual properties. It earns from Patents like its cryptocurrency patent and FAT Files System patents.

The other Microsoft Earning sources are royalty fees and paid products like Windows Pro.

Msft also makes a profit from its freeware on Android phones like MS Office, and its free tools for other operating systems including MS Windows.

What is Microsoft’s Cryptocurrency Patent?

Microsoft Cryptocurrency patent is all about mining and awarding cryptocurrency to the users using their body activities with specific tasks like thinking, reading, exercising, etc.

How much Microsoft earns from Android phones?

Microsoft earns between $5 to $15 from Android devices sold in the market.

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