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Last updated on September 1st, 2021

Server charges to run & own a server are flexible. There are lots of factors involved. When you install a server you have to buy the server licenses.

Total server charges

You are going to throw an operating system on that piece of hardware and then all of a sudden it’s a server. And that is all your server charges.

The license for the server operating system itself sometimes you have to provide my access licenses so you actually have to pay for every single person that’s going to connect to that server.

sometimes you have to pay to license for the number of sockets that are on the motherboard server.

So if that server can support student 2 CPUs you may have to pay a thousand dollars per socket.
Sometimes you have to pay for every core on the CPU.

So if you think you’re going to be really cool with some eight-core processor into the server that may jack up your server charges by eight thousand dollars.

Server Charges Infographic

If you are a consultant or if you ever want to get beyond the helpdesk position in the IT world, you have to have a grasp on licensing requirements.

Because this is what the business owners are going to look at. This is what management is going to look at. You’re going to tell them.

You know you’re going to tell them you want a new server and all the fancy stuff it’s going to do they’re going to ask you what will that server charges.

So we’re going to talk about licensing and other server charges all the pitfalls that you have to look out for.
Because this is a horrible little tedious part of the IT world.

But you know if you don’t look at the licensing that you’re buying a property you may end up with many server charges for yourself or your company thousands of dollars.

The first thing we have to talk about is open source. Everybody loves open source because it’s free. You know if it’s open-source then it’s free. And that is completely and utterly wrong. Open-source software is not necessarily free.

It may not necessarily have anything to do with being free. All that means if you’re using a piece of open-source software is that you can actually see the code that created the software.

So unlike Microsoft Microsoft creates a Windows operating system or Microsoft Office and they will never let you see the source code. You have no idea how that software was actually created.

Open-source software allows you to see how it was written. So you can see where there are possible flaws or you can see where you may be able to make things better.

But this does not necessarily mean it’s free.

Free speech versus free beer. What that means in the open-source community is you have free speech is open source

It means you can see how everything was documented or how everything was created. Free beer means actually free beer. Somebody gives you something so here is pure for open source is free speech but it’s not necessarily free beer.

When you get into the open-source world you have to be very careful about it. They allow you to download the software and it will install on your computer.

There are no activation codes or any of that so you think you’re all set well
Many times in the open-source community they will allow you to use the software. It is licensed for home use or non-commercial use.

So you can download it to your home computer or into a little test environment at your work. And you can play with it because it’s not actually being used in a business environment.

You get all of the functionality. What it says in the fine print is that if you do use it for commercial purposes you have to pay for the server charges.

Open Source Server Software

Some of the open-source software companies give you the software for free so you can download the software.

You can install the software. You can play with the software. But they require the license requires a service contract.

So you download the software for free and you are running it and you think you are good legally.

You think you are fine because open source you installed it.

When you get into things like server software or database software stuff like that. A lot of times again you can download the software for free etc you think you are fine.

In the license, it states that you are required to have a service contract on that software. So again you download for free. Technically the software is free.

The service contract is what the server charges 110000 dollars here. So those are the things to be careful about with open source.

Again this is a huge problem in the IT world while estimating server charges.
So now that we have talked about open source software let’s talk about server charges and the licensing.

Server licensing

Server Functionality Costs

The server licensing has gotten more complicated with the advent of virtual servers where you have hypervisors.

Then you create virtual servers on top of those hypervisors. So you can run you know anywhere between 5 to 200 virtual computers on one physical machine.

The old way that most people think about buying server licensing is that you buy a license for the box or the server box.

So if you have a server on one server you think that you buy a license for that server and you are done. And many times that is true for most Microsoft products.

For a lot of the server products that’s true but especially when you get into the virtual world you no longer simply pay for a license for the box. But they can charge you a license per socket.

So a socket is each place we plug a CPU into. So if you have a dual CPU motherboard that supports two CPUs on that motherboard.

For every CPU you have plugged in, you may have to pay a licensing fee. And it may be a thousand dollars or more per socket.

So be very careful that the socket is a full CPU that you put in there. S0 II Xeon processor that you put in there you would have to pay a licensing fee on the socket.

There are also sometimes per-core licensing fees. Again most people forget about this. But you have to be very careful. So you actually pay per core on that processor.

If you have a Xeon quad-core you would pay the licensing fee for a horizontal Prospekt processor. If you have an 8 core processor then you would have to pay a licensing fee on all eight cores.

So you may get hit with a four thousand dollar licensing fee simply by swapping out a processor. So be very careful about this. And this is why again we say that licensing can cause major problems in incorporation.

Because if you have a systems management person and you are trying to make a server run faster. You may just say hey you know I see these eight-core processors have dropped in price let me just throw one of those into the server.

And this server is going to run twice as fast. Well if nobody realizes what you’re doing and if it’s not caught you throw that core processor into the server and now you’re responsible for paying for four more cores of licensing fees.

The main thing to remember about server licensing for the box is you can either pay per box or pay per physical server.

You can pay per socket. A socket is each full CPU that you put into the machine. It might be a four-core CPU, an eight-core CPU, or a 20 core CPU.

You may pay per core so if you have an eight-core processor in there you are gonna be charged a licensing fee on every single one of those cores.

ASo you have to consider all these complications in server charges before buying a server.

Be very careful about looking for this in the licensing agreement. When you decided what server software you’re going to get while considering all these server charges.

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