Official KMSPico Download Latest Version [2024]

We welcome you to the Official KMSPico Download Page. You can use it to activate all Windows editions and Microsoft Office products with KMS.

KMSPico is an open-source software tool that works by using KMS or Key Management Server.

Official KMSPico Download

Official KMSPico Download Latest Version

This is the official KMSPico download site. Here you can download the latest KMSPico 11.

It is the best windows 10 and office 2019 activator tool.

Here you can also get all updates regarding the KMSPico download Portal.

If you are looking to download a safe secure and latest working KMSPico to activate your windows or office, you are at the right place.

Here you can download KMSPico’s latest updated version with just one click.

This page will not redirect you to any other series of malicious web pages like most of the fake KMSPico websites do.

You can also KMSPico download old editions from here.

All the editions are available to download completely free and secure.

In case, if you are using an older machine then you can download the previous KMSPico editions to activate windows.

It is an open-source tool so anybody can look into its source code and make sure of its safety and safety.

Although it is completely secure the windows firewall deletes it as soon as you unzip the installation file.

Please make sure that the real-time virus protection of windows is off before hitting the KMSPico download button and extracting the file.

Real-time virus protection must be disabled during the entire installation process.

You can reactivate it after you finish the KMSPico download process and activation.

All kinds of antivirus programs should also be turned off before extracting the secure zip file.

There are lots of fake official websites there claiming to provide the Official KMSPico download file.

All those are fake.

Either they are distributing the outdated invalid edition or their files contain viruses.

They can tamper with your system safety and collect your data for their benefit.

Don’t ever use KMSPico download links from those fake official KMSpico sites.

Some of these sites don’t provide you with the KMSPico password.

Some fake KMSPico download sites give you the wrong KMSPico password.

After you finish downloading it from their sites, you will not be able to unzip or use it.

Always keep in mind that the safety of your computer system is always the priority.

Windows OS and MS Office can be used unactivated but an insecure system is always a danger.

Here you are at the Official KMSPico download Page.

Here we already scan this tool for all types of viruses and bugs.

Remember that this tool is only for testing and experimental purpose.

It can not be used for business.

Click the KMSPico download button to get the best Windows 10 and Office 2019 activator tools.

Please read the features of every KMSPico version before you start downloading it.

Select the version which is best for your hardware specifications after that hit the KMSPico Download Button.

KMSPico Download Information Table

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Download WinRAR or any other file extractor tool.

Disable all your running antivirus programs now before extracting the setup file.

Make sure to disable Windows real-time safety as well.

Make sure to have all your antivirus programs disabled.

If you have multiple anti-malware and anti-virus tools, please make sure all of those are disabled.

KMSPico is added to the block list of almost all antivirus software.

If you don’t disable them they will delete your KMSPico setup file as soon as you finish the extraction.

So make sure to turn them off during the installation process.

Once done then you can hit the KMSPico download button.

Because that is a zip file so just click on it and click on unzip.

That will unzip it to the same folder where the downloaded file is saved.

Now you will get the folder named KMSPico.

KMSPico Password

Use KMSPico Password as to unzip the setup file.

Download KMSPico

Why Official KMSPico is password protected?

This tool is secure and password protected because the Windows firewall treats it as a virus. If the real-time protection is turned ON it gets deleted immediately.

MS Windows operating system is smart enough to detect it and delete it even if it is in a compressed format if it is not password protected.

That’s why the setup file of KMSPico is compressed and password-protected, to protect it from windows firewall security or any other active antivirus tool.

You must have to turn the anti-virus programs and windows safety protection off when you are ready to unzip it.

There are many fake KMSPico tools available over the internet on different websites.

They all use different passwords to confuse the users.

The genuine official KMSPico which you will download from this website has a very easy-to-remember password.

The password is just 12345 by default.

It is simple so that every user can remember it easily with no errors.

Our aim is not to do publicity through the password.

It is just for safety and protection purposes.

KMSPico Download Setup file installation

Use as a KMSpico password to unzip.

Run installation.exe.

Click on Next and accept the software agreement terms and conditions.

Hit on next and it will start the installation process.

After the installation process is finished, you will get your windows activated successfully.

You can now delete the KMSPico setup file once the Windows or office is activated.

Well if you still see a watermark that says this is not updated.

It should disappear now. You will see the windows is activated message.

That’s pretty much the KMSPico download and activation process.

That’s how you activate Windows 10 for free.

This will work for both Windows Home and Education Pro.

You can now enable your antivirus programs safely.

You can delete the KMSpico downloaded file in case you are wondering about it.

You can also delete the installed files.

To locate installed files in the directory go to your C Drive.

Move to the Program Files and locate the KMSPico folder.

You can uninstall the tool from here.

Windows will remain activated forever.

KMSPico Download

Visit the Official KMSPico Website to know more details about the tool and see how it works.

Download KMSPico Windows 7 Activator.

Have any questions about Windows 10?

Here you can find answers regarding Microsoft Windows 10.

If you are using the latest Office 2019, you can activate it free with KMSPico Office 2019.

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