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KMSPico 2019 is an MS Office 2019 activator software tool. It works with a Windows VL product key. It uses a virtual key management server.

Official KMSPico 2019

KMSPico 2019 Office activator is used to activate Office 2016, 2019, and Office 365.

It activates MS products in a single click by using advanced registry patching methods.

Microsoft uses Windows Key Management Service to activate Windows Vista and store activation key details in the Windows registry.

KMSPico 2019 is a Genuine Licensed Activator tool.

KMS pico 2019 Supported programs:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Office 2019
  • Office 365
  • Office 2016

KMS Pico activation is safe and legal for testing purposes.

This is the Official KMSpico 2019 site. It provides you with KMS Activation tools to activate Windows and Microsoft Office free of cost.

Always download the KMS Pico 2019 activator from its official website.

Here we provide you with clean and safe activation software tools for all MS products.

Feel free to download any KMSPico version from here.

Activate MS Office 2019, and Office 2019 with this amazing tool.

This activator is only designed and made available for testing and educational purposes.

Official KMSPico 2019 Activator

KMSPico 2015 software tool is scripted by TeamDAZ.

This software tool is used to activate MS Office 2019 and win 8/8.1/10.

It works using the virtual key management System.

This software tool allows you a portable free activation using an offline KMS server.

Here you do not need to connect with Microsoft’s online KMS activation server.

It easily replaces the registered license key with a new and valid product key.

Install KMSPico 2019

Here in this section, we will guide you step by step to install KMS Pico 2019.

First of all, you need to turn off real-time virus protection which is in the Windows settings.

To turn off the MS Windows virus detection tools please follow the steps.

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon button at the left corner of your taskbar.

Step 2: Go to settings from the opened window.

Step 3: Select Windows updates and protection options available there.

Step 4: Disable all Windows firewall security and virus protection features.

Step 5: Click on Windows’s native malware and threats safety settings.

Step 6: Now scroll down a little to find the Manage Settings option and then click it.

Step 7: Turn MS Windows Real-time safety off by toggling to the left.

Now you have successfully turned off the real-time virus safety.

Make sure that you also turned off Windows Cloud sample submission virus protection.

Now it’s time to download KMS Pico Activator.

Download KMSpico 2019


Download KMSPico Office 2019

KMSPico 2019 Password is

KMS Pico 2015 is a password-protected compressed file.

Use as a password to extract the file to begin the installation.

KMS Pico activator is not legal software for Windows OS or Office product activation.

It is not distributed by Microsoft company.

Using this software tool violates Microsoft’s terms and conditions and user policy agreement.

It is completely safe to use it and install your windows & office for free.

Unlike other activator tools, this is an open-source activator.

This software is also distributed by fake official websites with many dangerous viruses.

These fake websites mislead you to their malicious website to gain traffic.

These websites distribute corrupt KMSPico setup files.

These corrupt script files can steal your data.

Although they declare it as a malware-free software activator tool, it is not the truth.

So you must not download and install it from these harmful websites.

Activate Windows and Office only with a real purchase product key provided by Microsoft.

Activate Windows and Office with KMSPico 2019

Now you have downloaded KMSPico 2019 and turned off the real-time virus safety.

Now it is time to install it and activate Windows or Office with just one click.

Step 1: Unzip and extract the KMSPico 2019 setup file that you just downloaded from here.

Use a free extractor WinRAR tool to extract it.

Step 2: Locate the extraction folder path and open it.

Step 3: Click on the km pico2015 setup file.

Make sure that the file has an official KMSPico 2019 logo on it.

Step 4: Run the software tool with administrator privileges.

Give it all the necessary permissions it seeks for a smooth activation process.

Step 5: The installation wizard is just started in a new window. Click Next to go for the installation.

Step 6: Accept the KMSPico terms and conditions and user policies and then click Next to proceed.

Step 7: Select a directory location where you want to install this software tool. Click Next.

Step 8: Wait a few seconds to finish the KMSPico installation process.

Step 9: Now KMSPico 2019 is successfully installed on your computer.

You can remove the downloaded setup file before it is removed by anti-virus tools.

Step 10: Turn on Windows Real-Time malware safety features to keep your PC safe.

Step 11: Now it is time to activate KMS Pico 2019.

Run KMSPico 2019.

Click on the Activate button in front of you.

Your windows and office will be activated at once within a second.

Check Windows activation with KMSPico 2019

Follow the few simple steps shown below to check whether Windows is activated successfully.

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the desktop screen of your PC or computer screen.

Step 2: Select “Properties” from the popup list.

Step 3: You will see  “Windows is activated successfully with a digital license key”.

Check Office free activation with KMSPico 2019

Follow these simple steps listed here to check the validity of your office products.

Step 1: Click on the Windows Icon at the leftmost corner of your PC taskbar.

Step 2: Click on the Office product that you just activated with KMSPico 2019.

Step 3: You will say a message which says “Your Product is Activated Successfully”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KMSPico 2019?

It is an activation software. It is used to activate Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Offices 2019 for free.

Is KMSPico 2019 virus?

No. This is not a virus or malware. It is an activator tool for Windows operating system and Office 2019.

Is KMS Pico illegal?

Yes. It is illegal to use it for earning any profit and for personal or commercial uses.

Is KMSPico 2019 legit?

Yes. It is legit only for backing up and non-profit educational purposes.

KMSPico 2019

Please Contact Us in case of any suggestions queries or errors in the tool.

Visit the Official KMSico 2019 site to download Windows 7 and Office 2019 activator tools.

You can download all editions of MS Windows.

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