KMS Pico FAQ [August 2022]

Last updated on August 10th, 2022

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KMS Pico is a famous Windows and Office activator tool. There are lots of frequently asked questions about this tool. Here we will answer them all.


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Can I install the updates after activating Windows 10 with KMSPico?

Yes. You can download and install all new updates from Microsoft.

Is KMSPico activation permanent?

Yes. The activation is permanent for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

Does KMSPico break into the operating system?

No. It never breaks into the Windows operating system. It is a simple utility application just like other tools.

Why the smart screen turns gray after installing KMSPico?
You should enable the smart screen from the reg file inside the script folder.

Why Anti Virus alarms when installing KMSPico?
It is a false alarm. KMSPico is a 100% safe and secure tool.

Why KMSPico does not work with Windows 10 and Office 2016?
Fresh install Windows 10 and try to activate it again. It will work. Do the same with Office 2016.

How to stop Windows firewall from deleting KMSPico?
You should add an exception for KMS Pico in Windows firewall settings.

KMS Pico is not activating Windows?
You should try a fresh install and then proceed with the activation.

Is KMS Pico really legit?
Yes. It activates Windows with a genuine OEM MAK Key.

Where are the log files of KMS Pico?
Log files are located at Program Files/KMSpico/logs.

What is KMS Pico Portable?
It is the same KMSPico activator installed without leaving traces in the system.

Can I Delete this tool After Activation?
No, you should not uninstall it. If you remove it after activation, the Windows will again go back to the trial version. And it will ask you for the activation again. So keep it running even after activating the Windows.

Is Microsoft ToolKit virus?
No. It is not a real virus. The operating system treats it as a virus. Because this tool kit opens the power shell and modifies some very critical files in the registry.

Do I need an Internet connection to Run the Activator?
No. You do not need the internet to run this tool.

What is KMSAuto?
KMSAuto or AutoKMS is an activator tool to activate Windows 11 and Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 for free.

Is AutoKMS dangerous?
No. It is safe if you download the updated version of the tool, from its original source.

Is AutoKMS virus?
It is treated like a virus. Because it keeps Windows activated by constantly modifying the system files. So firewall treats this tool as malware. There are some virus files with the same name as this activator. So you need to be careful when you download and install the AutoKMS tool in your system.

Always download activator tools from the official site.


Can KMS Pico activate Office 2019?
Yes, this tool can activate all Microsoft Office Versions Free of Cost.

Can KMSPico activate Windows 10?

Yes, this tool can activate all editions of win 10 and Microsoft Office.

Can we trust KMS Pico?
Yes. Off course. It is a trusted tool for a long time. It is considered one of the best Windows 10 and MS Office Activators.

Can KMS Pico activate Windows 7?
Yes. It also activates win 7. Win 7 ultimate. Windows XP.

Is it permanent or my Windows will automatically deactivate after some time?
Yes, it is a Lifetime Activation. Windows will not deactivate again.

How to use KM SPico?
This tool is very easy to use. It comes with a simple graphical user interface. You just need to install it and then click to activate Windows.

What is kmspico_setup.exe?
It is an executable setup file to install this activator tool.

What is the password of KMSPico?
The password used for installing this tool is 12345.

What is the KMSPico virus?
It is not a virus. It is an activator that is used to activate Windows and Office and other Microsoft products.

It shows Windows is activated but I still see that watermark saying “Your Windows is not Genuine”?
Reboot the PC after activation Windows. The watermark will be removed. If not, repeat the process and make sure that virus protection is off.

Where to download Official KMSPico?
You can download it from All versions are available to download free of cost.

Which KMSPico is legit?
This activator is actually not legal to use for business purposes. You can use this tool only for learning and testing purposes.

Why KMSPico does not work?
You have to uninstall the anti-virus before and then download it.

Do I need the Windows product key to activate Windows 10 with KMS Pico?
No. You do not need the Windows 10 product key with this activator tool.

Is KMSPico Portable Google Drive safe?
Yes, KMSPico Portable Google Drive is a safe and virus-free Windows activator.

Here you can learn to Configure a KMS host computer to activate volume licensed versions of Office.

You can visit KMSPico Windows 11 activator to know more about this tool.

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